Thai Sweet Chili Sauce – Naam Jim Gai – น้ำจิ้มไก่

Thai Sweet Chili Sauce is important in Thai Kitchen the same way Ketchup is for European Household. If you go in the Thai people houses that usually cook for their family you will surely find this sweet chili sauce among the other bottles in the kitchen. Most Thai people love the sauces, we eat almost anything with sauce, either they are ready made or we add chili powder with fish sauce and other to make a quick spicy dip sauce. The love of sauce for Thai people sometimes is over the top that I sometimes think unnecessary. Please do not take it the wrong way if you cook for your Thai friends and they are asking for some sauces. This is just how they are.
Naan Jim Gai means Chicken dipping Sauce. Yes we can use this sauce for fried, grilled or steamed Chicken, but w can use this sweet chili sauce to make other sauces as well. For example the sweet and sour sauce for fried fish topping or we can use it for the dipping sauce for all the deep fried dishs like Spring rolls, deep fried tofu, fish cakes and etc.


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