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There are many different kinds of soups in Thai Cuisine, but I would make it simple by dividing them into two Categories.

One is our famous spicy soup: Tom Yam, Tom Saep, Tom Kha, Tom Klong – made with herbs and of course, chili with the sourness from Lemon or Tamarind. The first taste that you would feel on your tongue is hot, both in temperature and spiciness, then the sourness followed by salt and finally, a bit of sweetness. Then, the aroma of meat and the rest of the ingredients raise to your nose. If you need to clear your nose and warm yourself up from a bit of the cold, one of these soups would be very helpful. Galanga and Onion are the herbs we use to cure the blocked nose. You might also sweat dearly. The most famous among them is Tom Yam Gung (Shrimp in spicy soup) and Tom Kha Kai (Chicken in Galangal soup in coconut milk)

The second one is Tom Jued or Gaeng Jued (Bland Soup). This kind of soup is good for children and elderly people in the family or for those with a softer stomach. It is also had with other spicy dishes.

Stuffed Bitter Gourd Soup – Gaeng Jued Mara Yad Sai – แกงจืดมะระยัดไส้

Stuffed Bitter Gourd Soup

I just realized that I love Bitter Gourd soup recently. It’s just that I have made three different kinds of this clear soup. The difference is only what I put into this clear soup. Today I got the Mince pork, pre-marinated with seaweed from Tesco. These kind of pre-marinated meat is available in most Supermarket Read more…

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Tom Kha Mushroom or Tom Kha Vegetarian – ต้มข่าเห็ด ต้มข่ามังสวิรัต

TomKha Mushroom or TomKha Vegetarian

A friend of ours (an Indian chef) was telling me he was in love. Being married himself, I was in awe, but then he said, with Tom Kha. It turned out they were trying out Tom Kha for the first time. Originally he is the big fan of Tom Yam, now he seemed to have Read more…

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Mixed Vegetable Soup – Gaeng Liang – แกงเลียงกุ้งสด

Mixed Vegetable Soup – Gaeng Liang

This is my favorite soup that I rarely get good one outside home that I considered good enough. This is an authentic procedure that I will sacrifice my time for it. This soup is what we made for a mother that had freshly given birth to a baby, because all the vitamins from the vegetables Read more…

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Cowslip Flower Soup – แกงจืดดอกขจร

Cowslip Flower Soup

This is how I love to eat the cowslip flower, in the clear soup with mince pork. This soup is very easy to make and you still have the original taste of this flower. It is well loved among the kids too because the flower turn soft easily in the soup and they taste a Read more…

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Wild Mushroom Soup – Gaeng Hed La-ngog – แกงเห็ดระโงก

Wild Mushroom Soup

This is one of the wild mushrooms that are in season in rainy season is Thailand and Laos. Hed La-ngog is how we call this type of mushroom that comes in yellow, red and creamy white color. What I have here today is the creamy white ones. There are many ways to cook this mushroom, Read more…

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Gourd Ivy Soup – Gaeng Jued Tamlueng – แกงจืดตำลึง

Gourd Ivy – Gaeng Jued Tamlueng

This is one of the simple soups and very well loved among Thai families. Mostly because of Gourd Ivy’s Vitamins and the not-bitter taste of the green leaves that the children love. To have the fresh vegetable still nicely green, I add the hot boiling soup on top of gourd ivy leave bowl just before Read more…

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Shrimp in Tamarind Soup – Gaeng Som Cha-om Tod – แกงส้มชะอมทอดดอกแค

Shrimp Tamarind Soup with Fried Egg Cha-om

This is my favorite GaengSom(sour soup) because it is quite easy to make and it looks beautiful too. There is another post in Fry Category on how to fry Cha-Om with egg, where you can see how I prepared the fry Cha-om in Egg.  I bought GaengSom paste ready-made from Tesco. I just need to Read more…

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Tofu clear soup – Gaeng Jued Taohu Musab

Tofu clear soup - Gaeng Jued Taohu Musab

This is one of the simplest soups. Its good for a troubled stomach.I made this in about 10 minutes. Celery and spring onion is good against high blood pressure. Because the tofu and meat ball is soft this is also the soup we make for young kids, introducing them to vegetables. Ingredient: Mince pork, 150 Read more…

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Chicken in Sour Coconut Cream Soup – Tom Kha Gai

Chicken in Sour Coconut Cream Soup - Tom Kha Gai

Ingredients: Chicken meat, 200 grams, cut in love strives. Coconut Cream 1.5 cup. Galangal, 1 Cup, root and young stalks, sliced into thin pieces. Lemon grass 3 sticks, crush and cut into small pieces. Lime Leave 3 pieces, shred into small pieces. Oyster Mushroom 100 grams, clean and cut in small pieces. Fish Sauce 1 Read more…

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Shrimp in Spicy Hot Soup – Tom Yam Gung

Shrimp in Spicy Hot Soup (Tom Yam Gung)

Ingredients: Fresh Shrimp 200 grams, clean/peel/open the back to remove the black line Mushroom 100 grams, clean, cut in half Galangal 1 piece, clean and cut in thin slices Lemongrass 3 sticks, clean/crush/cut Lime Leave 2-3 pieces, clean/shred Fresh Chili 5-8 0r up to taste Lemon juice 1.5 tablespoon Fish Sauce 1 tablespoon Thai chili Read more…

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Bitter Gourd Soup with Pork – Tom Jued Mara – ต้มจืดมะระกระดูกหมู

Ingredients serves 2 Notes Chinese Bitter Gourd 1 Piece Pork Spare Ribs 150 grams Cut and Cleaned Garlic 5-6 cloves Coriander 2 pieces Black Pepper 10-15 seeds Soya Sauce 1.5 tbsp How to make: Clean and cut the Bitter Gourd into piece and soak in salt water to reduce its bitterness. Clean and cut the Read more…

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