Custard Apple, Sugar Apple, Anona, Nona – Noi Na

This fruit comes in Season (ripe) in the rainy season in Thailand. The rough skin will be soft and loosen when the fruit is ripe, ready to be eaten. Inside the white flesh will carry the black hard seed that is dangerous for little kid that they might swallow, could be life threatening. The Meat of the fruit is sugary sweet, therefore people with sugar problems should avoid it.

We usually have the plant around the garden. In the North-east people use even the tip of the young leave (extremely stinky) and stalk for cooking with the meat. When cooked their stinky leave will lose their stickiness, it is a good memory in my childhood with this plant. The stinky leave is also use for home-made bio pesticide. The dark memory of my early school days: my mom use to rub my head with this stinky leave to kill the leeches that I got from other school kid. The weekend horror of the first grader 25 years ago.


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