Pak Ga Yaeng – ผักขะแยง ผักกะแยง ผักพา

Scientific Name: Limophila aromatic (Lamk) Merr.
I wonder how many people on the street of Bangkok will know about this leaves. Yes, if one knows, he or she will surely come from the north or North-east of Thailand. Because this plant will grow on the rice fields in rainy season and die when the harvest season is over. Of course, people cultivate them all year round now. This small leave is a bit broader than the European thyme. They have a bit lemony fragrant. We usually use them in making fish soup, cooking with frog meat or mix with bamboo dishes. I like them so much that I will eat them just with Long green bean salad or papaya salad. They will bloom small violet flower in winter season after the rice is being harvest and then die with the straw. Next year after we start the new planting season, in the middle of rainy season they grow again.

This small weed contains amazing minerals: calcium, phosphorus, iron, niacin, vitaminB1, vitaminB2, vitaminA 5,862 IU per 100 grams.


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