Sweet Bamboo Shoot – Noh Mai Wan – หน่อไม้หวาน

Hopefully nobody will be offended when I say bamboo is a kind of Grass. This could explain the big variety of the Bamboo types in the market. What we have here is the Sweet Bamboo from my father’s bamboo garden. It is not just the name Pai-Wan ( ไผ่หวาน ) but its actual taste is sweet right off the bush. So the best way to enjoy its sweet taste is to grill on top of the charcoal or boil them shortly in water. After they are cooked you can add the in various dishes.

Bamboo shoot grows so much in rainy season and this cost its price to drop and most people will preserve them to keep for the drier season. There are many ways to preserve bamboo shoot e.g. salty, sour or boil and pasteurize so that they keep the natural taste.


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