Cow Slip flower – Cowslip creeper flower – ดอกขจร, ดอกสลิด

This flower belongs to the fragrant and edible flower that grows in South-east Asia, China and India. The shiny green wine will climb on the fence with the heart shape leaves spreading around. Bloom in small green flower in a bunch and when they bloom the color will be a bit of yellowish green. You will smell the light fragrance in the early morning then they bloom.

In the kitchen I love to cook them in a clear soup with mince pork, because in clear soup you can still taste their original flavor which is very aromatic and a bit sweet. Other people use them for deep fry or have them with the shrimp in a salad. As far as I know them, I have not seen this flower being eaten raw.

For the mineral they contain fibers, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, B, C and niacin.


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