Fresh Shrimps – กุ้งทะเลสด

I think some of you will notice that I love shrimp as just how many shrimp dishes are there on this blog. Thailand is among the largest exporters of farmed shrimps – fresh, cooked, processed or frozen. It is fortunate or maybe unfortunate for me now that the price of these fresh shrimp is cheaper than the pork shoulders. I live close to a Tesco Supermarket and this is where I bought this fresh Shrimp for my cooking.

Since I love them so much I get to know how to peel fresh shrimp without removing the fat ( brain) from the meat. This resulting in fairly rich texture in the dishes and they taste wonderful( see fry shrimps garlic and pepper in the fry category, that orange sauce is just from oil and shrimp and soya sauce alone, nothing else) But If you have problems with Cholesterol, seafood in general is harmful to you, except fish meat. So be careful.


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