Light Soya Sauce – ซีอิ๊วขาว

There are big varieties of Soya Sauce available in the market. This one shown in the picture is my favorite brand that I use for seasoning i.e. as an ingredient. Others are for different purposes. This Soya sauce here is the so called light Chinese soya sauce. It’s a bit more salty than the black thick soya sauce and there is also another one: black and sweet soya sauce.

Japanese have a few of their own Soya Sauces. They have specific name of the Soya Sauce for specific dishes because different taste requirements for each one of them. It will be hard for those of you, who do not know the differences among them, to decide what is the right one to buy. All I can say is, if you are cooking Japanese, stick to their terms. Luckily the Thai cooking is not that strict and in some cases you can even use the fish sauce instead.

Soya Sauce processing takes years. First the soya beans are cleaned, soaked and steamed. Then, they are fermented for a few years before being filtered and bottled.


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