Straw Mushroom – เห็ดฟาง

This is the first cultivated Mushroom that I learn to know because my family cultivated this mushroom when I was a child. At that time, we use the straw of the Rice plants soaked in water and then make a small bed of straw, add cow dung and the mushroom powder, cover the pile with plastic to keep the moister and temperature, after about 2 weeks we can harvest them. Nowadays there are many different ways to cultivate this mushroom, using different base, but we still call them Straw Mushroom. Originally Straw mushroom came from southern China, but available in most south Asian countries.

When fresh the straw mushroom will have sweet straw aroma and the a bit sweet taste. But they get spoil very easy, so the straw mushroom you might get in the West is the canned version.


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