Grilled Eggplant Salad with Shrimp- ยำมะเขือยาว

This salad has become a little hard to get nowadays in most Thai Restaurants, except a few authentic ones. The essential is the grilled long green eggplant. And that is the crucial taste here; it is the sweetness and a little burning smell of the eggplant that makes this dish so wonderful. The Salad Sauce itself is not that difficult to make, but the nice combination of the taste and aroma. I think you can grill this Eggplant in electric oven also, just make sure the oven is not too hot.

Ingredients Serves 2 Notes
Long green Eggplant 2 pieces Grilled in an oven or a grill and peel off the skin, cut in 2 inch pieces.
Egg 2 Boil and quartered
Fresh Shrimps 8 pieces Peel off the shell, leave the tail intact, cook shortly in hot water
Shallots 5 pieces Peel, clean and slice in thin pieces
Red Chili 5 Cut in small pieces
Coriander 1 plant Clean and cut in small pieces
Lime 2
Sugar 1 tablespoon
Fish Sauce 1 tablespoon
Dry shrimp As required For topping

How to make:

  1. Place the grilled eggplant and boil egg on the serving plate and top with the boil shrimps and cut shallot and coriander.
  2. Make the salad sauce by mixing the Sugar, Lime Juice and Fish Sauce together, when the sugar is dissolved add the pieces of chilli and some of the shallot and coriander.
  3. Pour the salad Sauce over the plate of ingredients and sprinkle with small dried shrimp.

Even this is salad dish but the taste is very spicy, maybe too spicy to eat without rice. I would recommend this dish as the main course to join other food on the table. When the cut pieces of chilli gets you, you can cool your tongue with Steamed rice or other mild things like clear soups.


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