Water Mimosa – Pag Ga-Ched – ผักกะเฉด

This water plant is considered Pest in some countries, but it is widely cultivated in Thailand.

Mimosa belongs to Legume family and Thai people eat both Mimosa and water mimosa. We cook water mimosa along with other vegetables in Gaeng-Som(Sour Soup) with Fish or Shrimp. We use them in Stir Fry with Oyster Sauce or Salad or even eating them fresh assorted in Noodle Dish.

We can buy fresh Mimosa in Bunches and we will clean and pick the young leave ourselves at home or some Vegetable vendor will prepare just the young leave for sell by weights. This will be easy and a bit more expensive. We only use the shoot tips, immature leaves and young pods for eating, the rest we throw away.

The best way to cook water mimosa is with high heat and short time, otherwise they will too hard to bite and the color will change from green to brown. Remember hot and quick.


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