White Chili – Prig khao or Prik Maew – พริกขาว พริกแม้ว พริกครอบครัว

People call this chili white chili because they are white instead of green when they are unripe. Then they will develop in orange and red. In Northeastern Thailand we call this Chili, Prik Lao or พริกลาว (Laotin Chili ) or Prik-Kob-Krua พริกครอบครัว ( family Chili because the plant of this Chili could last a few years and they grow higher than a meter and spread like a family). Some people in Central Thailand call these Chili Prik Maew ( Karen Chili). Please don’t think that this nice looking chili will be harmless, they are very hot and having particular Aroma that we love. We normally grill them with Garlic and Shallot to make Chili Sauce or just throw them whole into North-eastern Bamboo Soup, when you need extra hot, just eat the whole piece and your children can still enjoy the same soup undisturbed.


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