Deep Fry Steam Mackerel – Pla Two Taud – ปลาทูทอด

This is just to show you how we fry this steamed mackerel that we would give to the children with steamed rice for a meal. We also will eat this fry with Shrimp paste, along with vegetables or we can use them later for making various dishes.

You can keep this steam mackerel for about one week in the fridge. The only ingredients are the fish and vegetable oil.

How to fry:

  1. Add plenty of vegetable oil in the wok with medium heat.
  2. Add the fish and fry for about 5 minutes or until golden then turn the other side to repeat the same.

Tip: This steamed mackerel tastes best when freshly bought. Be careful when you fry because if you fry when the oil is too hot, the meat will be too hard.


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