Glass Fish steam with herbs – Ue Pla Geaw – อู๋ปลาแก้ว

Even though we may not set up a grill in small apartment, that doesn’t stop me from cooking the food from my childhood. This is the simplified version of Mog Pla Gaew that we will wrap the ingredients in banana leave and grill. This is an easier version. I cook the fish and the herbs in the pot with low heat until the water or sauce dry up. You can cook any other small fish the same way, not necessarily the same glass fish I have here. Glass Fish is what we call this small fish with transparent body. They live in Moon River passing near my hometown of Ubon Ratchatanee. Pak Ga Yeang is the ingredients found in Isaan Food(the small leave between lemon grass and spring onion in the picture).

For much less work, the taste will be almost as good as making it with a grill – except that the burning smell of banana leave will be missing. The rest I can’t complain. Best serve with sticky rice or steamed rice!

Ingredients Serves 2 Notes
Glass Fish 300 grams clean
Lemon Grass 3 sticks clean and thinly cut
Garlic 7 Cloves peel and clean
Chili 10 Pieces clean
Thai Basil leave 1 cup
Spring Onion half a cup clean cut in short pieces,
Pak Ga Yaeng half a cup clean and take only young shoot and leaves
Fish Sauce 1.5 tablespoon

How to Make:

  1. Make the paste, by adding the find cut lemon grass, garlic, 5 Chili and 1 teaspoon of Salt in the mortar and beat into paste.
  2. Add the Chili Paste, Glass Fish, 1 teaspoon of Salt, 3 tablespoon of water and all the ingredients mix together in the pot.
  3. Flatten the ingredient in the pot and bring to boil. Keep it boiling with low heat until all the water is dried up.
  4. Serve hot with Steamed Rice or Sticky Rice.

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